This just got real…

This week has been an especially busy one, College started for real this week, and the busyness also started for real. I generally have different subjects on each day of the week, which is good for consolidation of learning.

My week is generally made up of Chapel a couple of times a week, Lectures and a couple of study groups. I’m studying full time, so I’m doing 6 different subjects. New Testament, Old Testament, Greek, Communication in Ministry, Ministry and Mission and Biblical Theology are the subjects.

I also have a whole bunch of readings to get done each week, and I got my first assignment on Monday morning. A 1000 word comparison between a historical document and a biblical document of some dudes in the book of Mark.

It was nice having a few subjects in English this week. I’m really thankful for all of my lecturers at college, all Godly and Humble christian people. I have also made some awesome friends.

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