Introducing Qwiki – Wikipedia, but better. Way better.

This week has been a weird one. Kirsty and I spent most of this week in bed sick with some kind of winter lurgy. I know its autumn, but still we were sick. Along with trying to keep up to date with college work, my mind wandered several times.

This involved several attempts at trying to get 3 stars on every level of both Angry Bird games, trying to complete a season in Formula 1 2010 and looking around the web for some cool websites to entertain me.

I came across a website called Qwiki. Basically speaking, a normal wikipedia entry is pretty plain, in most cases they contain only text, and one or two images. What the warlocks over at Qwiki do is turn those plain text entries into an interactive movie slideshow thingy.

Seriously, have a look, and you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Or not talking about.

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