Moore Mission, Day 3

Yesterday was a really good day here in the south. The day kicked of at 7am, with the whole team stationed at various train stations inviting people to come to Church on Sunday and the Easter services of St George Anglican. The ladies of our team then kicked on, and ran a training event for the Christian women of the church on “Spreading Jesus Through Friendships”. By all accounts it went really well, with lots of women realising that they were already doing everything that was spoken about. Which was encouraging for the ladies on our team.

The day then rounded out with 2 hours of door knocking. Lots of stories came from this also. Lots of conversations were had with people from all different backgrounds. Please pray for all the people we shared the gospel with. We can’t go into specifics about the people we met. Mainly because we don’t want people to be afraid to speak to us because of fear that we will then go and blog about them.

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