Want some free music?

I love new music. New music is even better when it is free.

In my experience, music can be offered for free by an artist because 1) they are new, and are trying to get their stuff out there. 2) they hope you like their stuff, and let others know about it. 3) they are filthy rich and just feel like giving something away.

I discovered this a while ago when I stumbled upon a website which helps artists trying to get their name out there. Mostly by giving them a simple way for them to distribute some of their music. The website is called Come&Live. It is mostly focused at Christian artists, and most of the stuff up there is pretty good.

Anyway, in the three categories above this band fall into the second category. They are called ‘The Neverclaim‘. They formed in 2007, and I recently bought their album ‘QuietDown’. This was after I downloaded their 2 track sampler of the same album. I don’t have a vested interest, but you might like to check them out here. Let me know of you find anything else you like.

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