Introducing: Tyro Designs.

I’m doing something that I don’t normally do, I am asking you for a favor. If you like things that are designed nicely, it might even interest you.

Recently I started a discussion with a good friend of mine about design and social media. We came to some realisations. One of them being the reality that decently designed stuff is pretty unattainable for the ‘little guys’. The little guys being individuals, churches and small businesses. Good quality design these days can be expensive, and for good reason, but the problem is that it then pushes it out of reach of the ‘little guys’.

What has been bourn out of this has been a new design ‘company’. We are calling ourselves Tyro Designs, and we are hoping that we can help in some way. We have started Tyro to help people get online (individuals, bloggers, musicians, etc) and to help people with offline visual design (posters, books, powerpoints, resumés, etc).

If you’re in this boat and would like some good quality design for less (most probably even free!) head over to the website and sign-up to find out when we launch the site. Additionally, you can like our facebook page and follow us on twitter.

We’d appreciate any help you could give us. Recommend us to your friends (we are working on getting a weekly competition going), sign up for our newsletter and keep in touch on facebook and twitter.

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