All quiet over here…

Ok, it’s been a little while. Kirsty and I have been really busy. But I thought I would give an update on some of the things that we (I) have been up to recently.

1) 6 weeks ago Kirsty snapped a ligament in her ankle playing netball. Awesome. We have had quite a few appointments with doctors and physios. There was the possibility that she would of had to have surgery. It was good to hear that the surgeon thought that physio twice a week for a while would get things working again.

2) Another thing ive been doing a little bit of work on, is a new social media team at college. We have been working to raise the profile of college on twitter and fb. So far things seem to be going well, lots of interaction, and we have made some good plans for the future. Follow us on twitter @moorecollege. We will be giving away some freebies in the near future.

3) Ive started up a new design project with a good mate of mine. We are trying to provide some design services for people who can’t pay heaps, but need some nice looking design. We are hoping to launch later in the year. You can find out some more at

4) College has been busy as usual. Lots of essays and greek exams. Not sure what else to write here, except that I’ve spent the last month looking at the early Christian church in egypt. Happy to answer any questions you might have.

5) Next week Kirsty and I are heading away to the Hunter Valley for 3 days. We can’t wait!

Ill write about some of these things in detail soon. I’m starting to realise that I’m far too busy most of the time, but we press on.

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