Over the last couple of years I have worked in a number of roles where I have had to make the odd video. Often these are just in house creations that will never, because of their nature, see the internet. Regardless of this, I like to think that the quality of our visual communication should be of an achievable quality. A big part of this quality will always be down to using the right video equipment, but it also comes down to the kind of music you choose for your video.

Music has always been a difficulty in the projects I have done. That is, till now.

Recently I discovered a guy called Tony Anderson. Tony lives in the USA. Tony is a Christian. Tony is a fantastic sound designer.

Last week I used one of his songs for a video on a congregation at my church. That video will see the internet on Friday. He was very gracious and let me use it without having to pay him for licensing. He has an immense talent, and he wants to use his gifts to serve Jesus’ church. I give thanks for people like him.

Anyway, thanks to sound cloud, you can listen to a bunch of his tracks below. Go on. Just listen!

3 thoughts on “MUSIC // TONY ANDERSON

  1. Thanks for answering my question! I just discovered his music yesterday and was blown away. So beautiful. And then I saw the video on his website about Donny, and I became almost certain he must be a believer.

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