Sydney UNI elections

Each day, when I don’t drive into college, I walk through Sydney UNI. This is so I can look cool with all the trendy arts students rushing for their classes. It’s also because they sell campos 70c cheaper than further down the road in Newtown.

One of the great things about walking through Sydney UNI is when student elections are on. Last year my favourite slogan was “Zac to the future”. This slogan perfectly utilised the “Back to the Future” logo. I was so proud.

Anyway, student elections are coming up again. Here are some of the posters. I’m sad the Zac isn’t running again this year. It could of been brilliant.





Resources to use this Easter.

Easter is one of those times in the year where churches try to connect with those in their community who do not usually go to church.

In my experience, churches try to do things differently during Easter and Christmas. Sometime this involves singing different songs, having a special focus on welcoming and follow up of new people. Lots of churches try to show a video or two during the service.

If you want to do things differently, visually, he are some handy resources you can use. They are all free.

The Easter Story, by The Bible Society

You can download all of these for FREE by logging into vimeo.

Interactive Stories, by Church Media Videos

This is a little program you can download to use in your kids’ spot. It basically works as a animation creator. It is FREE, and is great for teaching bible stories to kids.

Easter at CreationSwap

This site has heaps of FREE resources. They are all still images, vectors and powerpoints.

Here is the link for their easter reasources.

Mirror Mirror by New Spring Church

This isn’t free. But it is brilliant. Might give you an idea for a video you could do yourself.

Easter, by Bjorn Amundsen

This video is a visual manifestation of some poetry by Sharon Irving.

You can download if from vimeo here.

Let me know if you have seen anything else out there. Ill be happy to add it to this post.

*** Update. Some extra resources. ***

The Last Supper, by

These videos aren’t free, but If you are in Australia you will be supporting a great Christian content producer.

You can see all their Easter videos here.