Lake Glenbawn [pics]

This past week K and I had a couple of days to get away for a short break. We decided to head into the wild (defined by any place with no mobile reception), 15kms east of Scone, NSW. It was excellent to spend time with friends, to build fires and to not be disturbed by email.

On holidays I usually like to set myself little challenges. This time I wanted to try out some new photo apps (mostly Average Camera Pro), along with my glif mount and a tripod. Here are some pics I took while experimenting with my new setup.

Glenbawn #1 Glenbawn #2 Glenbawn #3 Glenbawn #4

Summer 2012/13 [pics]

Haven’t posted here for a little while.

Summer was spent preparing for and doing HEAPS of great ministry around the place. I had the great privilege of preaching through Philippians on SummerLife Kiama along with plenty of Christmas stuff with church.

Kirsty and I also managed to get away for a very short notice, week long holiday in Brizvegas. It was so excellent. We found the most amazing coffee EVER. We also managed to catch the last flight out of Brisbane back home when the bad weather started.

Here are some photos we took 🙂

Brisbane_001Brisbane_002Brisbane_003Brisbane_004 Brisbane_005Brisbane_006 Brisbane_007 Brisbane_008 Brisbane_009 Brisbane_010 Brisbane_011 Brisbane_012

Sydney UNI elections

Each day, when I don’t drive into college, I walk through Sydney UNI. This is so I can look cool with all the trendy arts students rushing for their classes. It’s also because they sell campos 70c cheaper than further down the road in Newtown.

One of the great things about walking through Sydney UNI is when student elections are on. Last year my favourite slogan was “Zac to the future”. This slogan perfectly utilised the “Back to the Future” logo. I was so proud.

Anyway, student elections are coming up again. Here are some of the posters. I’m sad the Zac isn’t running again this year. It could of been brilliant.





Time for something with meaning.

It has been a while since I posted anything of any real meaning on here. That is largely due to an almost non-stop summer of activity. Here are the quick highlights.

  • We finished up at family church in mid December.
  • Christmas happened.
  • Tyro has been mental. See some of the stuff we have been doing here.
  • We went on beach mission. We were the cooks. It was mental. Good mental, but still mental.
  • A bit of time was spent getting ready for college starting again.
  • Kirsty started a new job.
  • I started a new job as a student minister at an Anglican Church in Cammeray.
  • Australia dominated in the test series.

Pretty much sums it up. Normal service will now resume.