Win a free copy of “Group Games”

If you are in youth or children’s ministry this might excite you.

When I was a youth group leader I had to prepare talks, prayers, supper to eat and games to play at the beginning of the meeting. Usually the latter of these things were done with much less preparation than the first things. Your experience might be the same.

It’s probably a good thing. Preparing your talk and the prayers should demand much of your attention. You don’t want to say incorrect things while you teach the kids. The games were usually under prepared, and not really thought out.

To fix this problem, my friend, Calum has created an iPhone app. It’s called “Group Games”.

The app is brilliant. Simply put, it helps you prepare for the game time of youth group by providing you a list of games that you can play easily, with or without resources. I especially like that way that you can select a game using a search involving the size of the group and the time a game is needed to run.

If you are involved in youth or children’s ministry, you should definitely check it out.


I’m giving 2 copies away for free. The first 2 comments win. Simple.