Oh, that’s what that says…

Didn’t get to post last night. Kirsty and I have our date night on Thursday nights, it’s something we both really look forward to. It also means that I try and remain free of digital stuff, facebook, twitter and website. If you are married, even if you have children, we would highly recommend it.

Yesterday I learnt the importance of learning vocab, translating from Greek is going to be easier if I can learn specific words, how to pronounce them and what an equivalent English word might be.

I’ve been trying to learn all this vocab by using an awesome iPhone app called ivocabulary. Basically you load in all the words that you want to learn. (we have a list of words we have to learn each day) ivocabulary is great, in each session it gives you a slideshow of words and their English equivalents and then tests you on all the words, while telling you if you are wrong or right.

So my vocab is going really well, thanks to my iPhone. On Wednesday night I even dreamt in Greek… Not sure if that is a good thing.

4 thoughts on “Oh, that’s what that says…

  1. Oh how I wish I had an iphone when I had to learn my vocab. Palm cards were kind of awkward to carry around. But then again, the amount of distraction time the iphone gives me now, it might have been a good thing for me not to have one in 1st year MTC.

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