Moore Mission: six weeks on

Today we had the privilege of meeting with the senior minister from St George North Anglican. This was the church that I did mission with a little while ago.

It was great time of hearing back about what kind of impact our mission had in St George North. I didn’t know what to think about mission while we were doing it. We were so busy all the time that we just powered on, not really having time to properly debrief. So it was great to be able to hear about all the great things that have been happening because of our week on mission. The last little while has been exciting for the church, and ive written them in point form.

  • 21 people are involved in Christianity Explained directly because of mission. An additional 14 are in this course external to our mission, bringing the number up to 35.
  • One woman about to finish Christianity explained, and wants to be a Christian.
  • One man became a Christian, directly because of a sermon he heard on Luke 24 at Bexley North.
  • A new youth group is about to be planted at Bexely North.
  • 10 new people coming to church for the first time.
  • A new congregation has been planted, with another 15 new people. They are already having the problem of reaching capacity, and might need to find a larger place to meet.

I’m so thankful for the impact that the gospel is having in St George North, and that we were able to be a part of it. Ill keep praying for them.

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