Angry Birds: An infographic of addiction.

Like like to play the occasional video game. I mostly play FIFA and F1, anything else and I just get bored. That is until Angry Birds came along.

I own all three of the Angry Birds games on my iPhone, and I think they are quite enjoyable. I am in no way addicted to playing it, but I know others who probably are.

AYTM have recently done a study into the addiction of Angry Birds and they put together a handy infographic to show their results to people like me who like pictures. You can find the original post here.

Video: Nike Football: Write the future

I love football. Some people call it soccer, but these people don’t usually know that it is mostly called football by people all over the world.

I also love the world cup, even more since Australia has been in it.

The world cup isn’t just about the football though, it’s also about the advertising and sponsorship. Mostly because of the money available through selling t-shirts and TV ad space.

Last year Nike made this awesome ad for the world cup. It’s called ‘Write the future’. The basic premise is, that you need to command what your future will look like. You can have success or you can have failure. Sadly most of the players in this ad never really achieved success during the world cup. This lead to the phrase ‘Write the future curse’ to be used.

Regardless, it is still an awesome ad. I like to call it ‘The three minutes of awesome’. Enjoy.