Time for something with meaning.

It has been a while since I posted anything of any real meaning on here. That is largely due to an almost non-stop summer of activity. Here are the quick highlights.

  • We finished up at family church in mid December.
  • Christmas happened.
  • Tyro has been mental. See some of the stuff we have been doing here.
  • We went on beach mission. We were the cooks. It was mental. Good mental, but still mental.
  • A bit of time was spent getting ready for college starting again.
  • Kirsty started a new job.
  • I started a new job as a student minister at an Anglican Church in Cammeray.
  • Australia dominated in the test series.

Pretty much sums it up. Normal service will now resume.

Ayrton Senna da Silva

I love Formula 1. Most weekends between March and November you can find me glued to the TV and my computer, for live pictures and live timing till 1 in the morning.

There are lots of reasons that I love Formula 1. The engineering and ingenuity that goes into making a Formula 1 car, the incredible speed that these cars can achieve and the amazing tracks that these cars drive on. While all these things have drawn me to Formula 1, there is one main reason while I love this sport.

His name is Senna, or, Ayrton Senna da Silva if you like long names. Senna was the greatest Formula 1 driver in history. I would of loved to see him race, but sadly he was killed when I was still a young kid, on the 1st of May in 1994.

Last year Top Gear did an awesome tribute to him, and next month a documentary will be coming out about him.

Below is the Top Gear tribute, watch it if you want to get a glimpse into why I love F1 so much. Anyone want to come to see the documentary with me?

[UPDATE] – Added a longer version of the video. (Don’t mind the bit at the beginning, vimeo went mental.)

Video: Nike Football: Write the future

I love football. Some people call it soccer, but these people don’t usually know that it is mostly called football by people all over the world.

I also love the world cup, even more since Australia has been in it.

The world cup isn’t just about the football though, it’s also about the advertising and sponsorship. Mostly because of the money available through selling t-shirts and TV ad space.

Last year Nike made this awesome ad for the world cup. It’s called ‘Write the future’. The basic premise is, that you need to command what your future will look like. You can have success or you can have failure. Sadly most of the players in this ad never really achieved success during the world cup. This lead to the phrase ‘Write the future curse’ to be used.

Regardless, it is still an awesome ad. I like to call it ‘The three minutes of awesome’. Enjoy.