Exploring Sydney with a #vscocam and #avgcampro

This morning I walked around the city with my little sister. I took a few photos using Average Camera Pro to shoot and VSCO Camera to edit.

Here are my faves.

Sydney really is neat on a sunny day.

Sydney 1 Sydney 2Sydney 3Sydney 4

Time-Lapse pack #1 // Download now for free


Earlier on I posted some photos took while experimenting while on recent holidays. I did a fair bit of mucking around with my iPhone during the week. I also shot a bunch of time-lapses while camping at Lake Glenbawn.

I believe that there is no point shooting stuff if it is just going to sit on your hard drive for eternity. So I though I would just give the eight of them away. You can use them for what ever you want. I would love it if you could let me know if you use them, just so I can see the cool videos you will make.

Download link is below.


Timelapse Pack #1

556.1 MB (9 files)