Thanks for coming over…

Hi There,

Thanks for coming over.

I hope that this website will serve a couple of functions, firstly as a way for me to keep all my friends updated while I am studying at Moore Theological College, and secondly I hope that this site will give you some insight into what it is like to work in full time ministry and therefore help you to support it in the future.

Firstly let me give you a quick history of the last few years.

After leaving High School in 2001 I studied a combination of Business Management and Nursing. Being involved in the Business world was satisfying in the beginning, it offered the prospect of earning lots of money and the feeling of achieving great success. After a few years of doing this, I found myself feeling un-fulfilled being in a world which was mostly consumed by the constant (and only) pursuit of money. So in a quest for something that would enable me to actually help people, nursing was a logical next step. It gave me opportunities to help people physically, and I even had an inkling that it would be good if I could also share my faith with them. As I found out relatively quickly, this was not really an option in the NSW health system.

Soon after this, I had a conversation with a minister (Gav Perkins) at my home church, Christ Church St Ives. And after a few conversations, and 6 months, I started a 2 year ministry apprenticeship (MTS).

Most recently Ive been working as a Graphic Designer at Christ Church.

This brings you completely up to speed, it is 2011, and this year I will become a Bible College Student.

Over time, more stuff will put up on here that, hopefully, will be worthy of you reading.

I also love good graphic design, so you will most probably get a bit of that too.


6 thoughts on “Thanks for coming over…

  1. Wow! how exciting is this!!! Welcome to the blogosphere Timbo, so glad to have your good company in it! Can’t wait to read all about the next adventure in God’s plans for you & Kirst. So glad to be a fellow servant of the gospel with you! Sar

  2. hey mate,

    stoked that you’ve decided to decided to start up a blog.. can’t wait to hear your thoughts / ideas / experiences – sounds like the intake year of 2011 at moore is pretty gold! 🙂

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