Reaching men in St Ives, Part 1

It has been a little while. Just over two weeks in fact. I didn’t die, and there isn’t anything wrong. Ive just been super busy with a few things.

Last week I preached at church on Genesis 11:1-9, about the city of babel. Another thing I have been doing has been a project for college titled “Reaching Men, aged 40-54, living in St Ives, with the message of Jesus Christ”. It was 3,300 words of analysis of the sub-culture, and how churches can reach these people with the gospel of Jesus.

This project is something that is close to my heart, and close to the heart of my church. I had a few people express interest in reading what I had come up with. So I thought I would share some of my findings over the next little while, but first I wanted to share some stats with you about this micro culture.

One of the problems that is encountered with using this census data, is that the last census was conducted in 2006. Seeing that there has been no new data collected since, this 2006 data is still the most reliable. The following data is not the only means by which this sub-culture can be analysed, but it also shows us a few important facts that we should be aware of.

  • The median age of the suburb is 43.
  • The overall population included in this sub-culture is 1,606 people.
  • This figure of 1,606 is 23.5% of a total male population of 6,839, and 11% of a total population of 14,210.
  • 55.5% of males living in St Ives were born in Australia, with the next two significant places of birth being South Africa at 11.7% and the United Kingdom at 8%.

I hope you will come back in the coming week to see more of my thoughts. And hopefully engage with them.

5 thoughts on “Reaching men in St Ives, Part 1

    • Thanks Nath. As far as marital status is concerned (most recent stats were in 2006).

      67% are married. (3,629)
      26% have never married. (1,404)
      3% are divorced. (184)
      2% are widowed. (113)
      1% are separated. (63)

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