Ayrton Senna da Silva

I love Formula 1. Most weekends between March and November you can find me glued to the TV and my computer, for live pictures and live timing till 1 in the morning.

There are lots of reasons that I love Formula 1. The engineering and ingenuity that goes into making a Formula 1 car, the incredible speed that these cars can achieve and the amazing tracks that these cars drive on. While all these things have drawn me to Formula 1, there is one main reason while I love this sport.

His name is Senna, or, Ayrton Senna da Silva if you like long names. Senna was the greatest Formula 1 driver in history. I would of loved to see him race, but sadly he was killed when I was still a young kid, on the 1st of May in 1994.

Last year Top Gear did an awesome tribute to him, and next month a documentary will be coming out about him.

Below is the Top Gear tribute, watch it if you want to get a glimpse into why I love F1 so much. Anyone want to come to see the documentary with me?

[UPDATE] – Added a longer version of the video. (Don’t mind the bit at the beginning, vimeo went mental.)

5 thoughts on “Ayrton Senna da Silva

    • Yeah, I still can’t believe how much he was loved all over the world. A man who truly transcended the sport he was involved in.

      Still get goosebumps watching videos of him racing.

  1. I saw the movie/documentary last night. It was awesome! You have to see it. They actually said near the end that his death was God’s greatest gift to him, to be with God.

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